Our Company Sees a World without Waste

Delta Energy Limited aims to dedicate our country to energy from green natural resources from the force of the wind to the power of the sun.
The company strategizes to spearhead Pakistan’s transition from fossil fuels and towards rising energy demand in a sustainable way by delivering cleaner and smarter energy choices thereby reducing Pakistan’s carbon footprint.
We are committed to enabling solar everywhere and aim to provide energy access to millions of people across the country via integrated solar solutions. Catering to the energy requirements of industrial, commercial, and residential customers while helping reduce the carbon footprint. Delta shares a collective vision to provide sustainable energy at an affordable price and enable the creation of a decarbonized future.

Our Values

Customized Solutions 90%
Regulatory Compliance 80%
Pivoted on Industry Feedback 70%
Guaranteed Benefits 90%
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Message from Our Managing Director:

We are in the midst of a climate emergency and the kind of change energy transition brings will define the future of power solutions in Pakistan. We at Delta Energy Limited are focused to create a decarbonized future resulting in sustainable, affordable and innovative energy solutions.

In these unprecedented times of rising energy costs, it has become increasingly important to reduce energy costs to ensure the efficient running of businesses. Renewable sources of energy not only ensure a cleaner power source but a predictable cost of energy enabling effective decision-making.

Message from the Director

Renewable energy would play a significant role in power management in Pakistan. Since inception Delta Energy has been solely promoting the use of solar energy and creating awareness to reduce the carbon footprint of the electricity generated from fossil fuels.

Solar power has emerged as the most carbon friendly method of producing electricity. It not only reduces the carbon emissions but is also a cheaper method of electricity production. Solar energy not only provides a sustainable source of electricity but also reduces the country’s reliance on imported fuel.
We have maintained a classic sense of customer service. Our presence in the industry has provided us with the knowledge, experience and analytical ability in predicting system performance and financial benefits accurately.

We design high-performing systems that are customized to your site and needs. By pooling our backgrounds in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and architectural design, we develop the best solution for your application.

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