Our Projects:

Top Rice Exporters of Pakistan have chosen Delta Energy Ltd to fulfill their energy requirements because:

1) An experienced design team to maximize system efficiency
2) Expertise in installations on Dome (shell type) roofs
3) Impactful product selection

Asif Rice Mills


System Size: 950KW

Asif Rice - Aerial View

Pakistan’s largest exporter of Basmati rice. The installed capacity is 950KW on a difficult roof terrain with loading limitations.

Bulk Management (BM)

BM Rice - Aerial View

System Size: 1MW

One of the top exporters of Pakistani Rice globally and a part of Westbury Group of Companies. The installed capacity is 1MW based on an extremely sophisticated design.

HKM Industries


System Size: 750KW

HKM - Aerial View

One of the oldest rice businesses in Pakistan a leading exporter opted for solar power for their rice mill in Karachi.

United Traders

United Traders

System Size: 650KW

Maximizing system size and efficiency despite significant impediments due to the difficult roof terrain.